Managing the pressures of practicing law

Is it the Law? Or is it You?

Stress from long hours


Are you surprised to hear that the practice of law is among the most stressful occupations in America? When asked what factors most accounted for their work dissatisfaction, attorneys cited:

  • billables
  • economic worries
  • ethical dilemmas
  • limited opportunity
  • adversarial process
  • reduced professionalism
  • competitive work environment
  • pressure to get business
Even though the negatives are there, your coping style may be making things worse.


Sometimes it's easier to see the shortcomings of our profession than the stumbling blocks we place in our own paths.
Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have . . .

  • a fear of being "found out?"
  • unreasonably high expectations?
  • a need to control or dominate?
  • trouble sleeping?

Do I . . .
  • take a back seat in groups?
  • react before the facts are in?
  • eat, drink or smoke to excess?
  • engage in constant self-attack?

Am I . . .
  • overly sensitive or shy?
  • easily irritated or moody?
  • excessively critical or aggressive
  • anxious or depressed?


There are solutions. Although the pressures can seem overwhelming at times, you don't need to suffer. Why not explore your concerns in a completely confidential, one-on-one setting?
Straight talk about your issues:

  • Whether you're someone who deliberately lies low . . . or are the "go to" person buried in work.
  • Whether you're constantly talking . . . or are slow to speak up.
  • Whether you're always worried about approval . . . or are unfazed by even legitimate criticism.
Your dissatisfaction may be a confusing tangle of internal and external factors, but it doesn't have to be.

Rather than going it alone, shouldn't you find out what you can do to make the week go better?